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Revolutionize Manufacturing Efficiency with Configuration Management Imagine having a clear definition of your sold products immediately upon receiving an order. You can promptly schedule purchases and production for standard parts while simultaneously engineering custom-required components. It’s an efficient process that can give your business a competitive edge.


With numerous configurators in the market, it can be daunting to start a configure-to-order journey. However, our vision emphasizes the importance of configuring your Bill of Materials (BOM) over your digital 3D model. Why? Because for operational improvement, it’s beneficial to work with standardized “Lego blocks” rather than endlessly customizable designs.

By focusing on building standardized blocks, you make life easier for sales, streamline purchasing decisions, and simplify production planning. This approach also aids in spare part management, distinguishing between custommodules and standard components.

When it comes to defining component properties, it’s often more practical to record this information in the article’s data, making it easier to adapt as needed.

Configuration management software is a game-changer in the manufacturing industry. It centralizes and organizes vital data, streamlining quotation processes and improving order fulfillment. In this series, we will explore configuration management software’s benefits and how it can revolutionize your manufacturing operations. Whether you’re a small manufacturer or a large enterprise, we have insights and solutions to help you succeed in the competitive manufacturing landscape.

Key Features

AI-Powered Configuration Assistance customer

Our solution employs artificial intelligence to assist you in making configuration choices by analyzing all article metadata. This ensures that your configurations are optimized for your specific needs.

Precise Bill of Materials (BOM)

Create accurate BOMs effortlessly using intelligent attribute constraints  and combination rules. This ensures that your product specifications are always on point.

Centralized and Organized Data

Keep all your product data centralized and well-organized. This not only ensures data accuracy but also expedites the initiation of the production process, saving you time and resources.

Cost Engineering

Easily select the best-priced products based on your requirements. Our system aids in cost engineering, helping you make financially sound choices without compromising on quality or functionality.

Streamlined Product Modeling

Simplify the process of product modeling. Our software makes it easier for you to design and customize your products efficiently


Smart engineering proposals

Smart engineering proposals result in huge savings in terms of cost engineering and production, stock positions and throughput time.

Efficient Order Processing and Product Modeling

Our systemconsolidates all essential informationinto one integratedplatform, making product modeling more accessible and enabling standardized production options. This enhances the efficiency of your order processing.

Faster turnaround times

By optimizing processes, reducing errors through smart attribute constraints, and utilizing standardized production options, the software facilitates faster turnaround times from order placement to product delivery.

Rapid Insights for Customers

Deliver fast and precise information to customers regarding what they will receive, at what price, and within what timeframe. This streamlines decisionmaking and simplifies complexity.

Enhanced customer experience

Provide personalized and accurate quotations with real-time pricing and availability information, delivering a seamless and satisfying experience to customers.


BOM management

Build and manage your bill of materials. Easily create, edit, and update BOMs, including adding or removing items and tracking changes over time.

Variants and options management

Define and specify variants, including variations in parts, features, or properties. This enables configuring and offering a wide range of products to customers without increasing complexity.

Customized products

Manage product configurations based on different variables and options. This allows you to create customized products that meet specific customer requirements and preferences.

BOM accuracy

Prevent errors and conflicts in the bill of materials by using smart attribute constraints and combination rules to ensure only compatible parts and options are selected and to specify how modules and parts are allowed to be combined.

Product journey/production planning

Have quick insight in availability of materials and identify materials that require customization or special ordering/ engineering. By gaining insights into these specific requirements, you/salespeople can proactively inform customers. (about production time and more)


Quotation management

Create, update, and track quotations throughout the entire sales process. You can generate quotations based on the defined configurations and price calculations, with the ability to customize and personalize quotations to meet specific customer needs.

Price calculation

The total costs of a configured product are automatically calculated, based on the chosen configuration, and associated pricing rules. This enables quick and accurate generation of quotations for customers.

Quote accuracy

(Real-time pricing and availability of different configuration options allow you to provide detailed quotes.) Provide detailed quotes through integration with pricing and inventory systems. Avoid quoting errors or discrepancies.


Lead management

Identify promising leads and create customized quotations for leads to meet their requirements. The streamlined quotation process allows your sales teams to respond to leads quickly. (Increase the chance of converting leads into customers.)

Website integration

Website visitors have the opportunity to learn about your product use a product configurator. This streamlines the sales process by reducing the time and effort required to understand customers’ requirements.

Order processing

Gain insight into specific requirements and offer standardized options to customers. Reduce production time and facilitate efficient order processing. Your sales team can easily inform customers about lead times and any customization processes involved.

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