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Frustrated with poor insights and planning? Starcode offers reliable software solutions to help you avoid risks and improve your performance.

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Your digital Assistant yda

Composable Business Solutions

Composable Business Solutions, your one-stop destination for building your very own Digital Assistant. With Y.D.A., you can streamline your business operations and enhance productivity like never before.


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  • AI powered forecasting
  • ERP & PDM in one solution
  • Predictive Stock Control
  • Smart production planning

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Discover our expertise in detecting improvements and choosing the right solutions for your business. At Starcode, we specialize in RPA, low-code apps, business intelligence, and composable business solutions.

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Composable Business Solutions

Challenges in maintaining control and reliability as a manufacturer?

Are you facing challenges in maintaining control and reliability as a manufacturer? As a specialized company, Starcode understands the challenges faced by manufacturers in maintaining control and reliability. We have extensive experience in addressing these issues to optimize operations.

  • Overstock or understock
  • Reactive approach
  • Low productivity
  • Inefficient planning
  • Inaccurate decision-making
  • Customer dissatisfaction
  • Revenue loss

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Unlock 15 Years of Manufacturing Expertise

At Starcode, with our 15 years of industry leadership, we understand the daily challenges faced by organizations in manufacturing. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive whitepaper addressing the industry’s biggest issues and offering innovative solutions through process improvement and smart software.

Unlock 15 Years of Manufacturing Expertise
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Revolutionizes businesses by automating repetitive and rule-based tasks, freeing up valuable time for employees to focus on higher-value activities.

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